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Flowers used to make medicine.

Plant common name is: Marigold. Plant scientific name is Calendula officinalis . Calendula is well-know herb and uplifting ornamental garden plan that has been used topically, in ceremonies and as a dye and food plant for centuries. Has a fibrous, annual root with a stem about a foot high. It is native of South Europe, the Mediterranean and the Orient. It is a common garden herb with a feeble, aromatic, somewhat narcotic, but not unpleasant smell. Is best to harvest the flowers in the summer, in the heat of the day when the resins are high and dew has evaporated. In medieval Europe calendula was known as “poor man’s saffron” as it was used to spice and color various foods and soups in particular. It was also used to dye hair and to make butter more yellow. In traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, calendula called (Jin Zhan Ju) is consider energetically neutral and drying and is use to support healthy skin (1). Nicholas Culpepper a botanist in the 17 th century mentioned usi