Protocol for immune system support: 
How to support your immune system?

The best way to support your immune system is by adding Glutathione and high levels of vitamin C to your diet. It is a straightforward formula and extremely important to your health.

Most people are Glutathione deficient; we are experiencing an epidemic of Glutathione deficiency in our population due to poor diet, toxins, pollution, medications, stress, and trauma. All of these conditions deplete our body from its natural Glutathione production [1,2]

What is Glutathione: It is a simple molecule that is made of 3 amino acids cystine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants and the powerhouse of the immune system. It is needed to recover and prevent all medical conditions. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant found in both plants and animals. Often called the “master antioxidant,” Glutathione also boosts other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as alpha lipoic-acid and CoQ10 [3].

Recommendations: Take Glutathione twice a day, and vitamin C as directed.
Use the best bio-available form of Glutathione:


Vitamin C Buffered Powder

Vitamin C Buffered Powder was designed for high dosing of vitamin C and for vitamin C “flushing,” which may help determine one’s individual need for vitamin C. Adding the alkalizing minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium results in a less acidic form of vitamin C that is better tolerated (less stomach upset) and provides the additional benefits of calcium, magnesium, and potassium supplementation such as alkalizing effects and bone mineralization.**

To order please follow the link:

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4. Designs for health catalog and website.

Disclosure: I am posting a practitioner link to get your supplements from the manufacture. I have a very small financial gain from these supplements. However, I used DH for their quality and purity and research. If you prefer to order from another source, please feel free to look up for the same supplements using a manufacture of your trust.


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