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I found another article on Clinical nutrition therapy in diabetes type 2. As  mention before Diabetes is a chronic disorder characterized by high blood glucose level and/or insufficient or ineffective insulin. This syndrome of carbohydrate intolerance is due to the altered beta cell function [1]Normally blood glucose depends on two processes. When the liver receives signals that the blood glucose is too low in the body and in the absence of fuel (carbohydrates) glucagon a hormone signals the liver to break down the glycogen (glucose storage) to be use as energy. When blood glucose is too high after eating carbohydrates (glucose) the pancreas receives a signal to release insulin, the insulin will work as a form of transportation to facilitated glucose to enter the cell and use it for energy. In Diabetes mellitus the cell stop responding to insulin and glucose fail to enter the cell. That means that the cell is not getting the glucose need it for survival, and elevated blood glucose will alter glucose metabolism in every cell of the body [1]. Therefore, glucose levels will not be in the normal range. In most cases the structure on the blood vessels and nerves may be damaged, this would lead to loss of circulation and nerve function [1]. Common disorders will affect the body like alteration on kidney function; retinal degeneration and loss of vision are some of the many others that follow diabetes mellitus.

Clinical nutrition therapy has showed evidence for the effectiveness in diabetes mellitus type 2. 
The American Dietetic Association first introduced the term clinical nutrition therapy in 1994, the therapy involves two phases: The assessment and the application of flexible nutrition plans and the use of nutrition. In 2010 the Diabetes Prevention Program DPP, the first large group of people the prevention study showed that lifestyle intervention to lose weight and increasing physical activity reduced the development of type 2 diabetes by 58% during a 3-year period [1]. The reduction was even higher at 71% reduction recorded among adults aged 60 years or older, over the drug Metformin that reduced risk only at 31% with many reported side effects [1]. After reviewing the article the important highlight of the results is that nutrition therapy alone has the best significant impact on weight loss and metabolic control.

By Monica Medina-Dobbs MS, Clinical Nutrition

Malaguti-Boyle M. Evidence for the effectiveness of clinical nutrition therapy in diabetes mellitus type 2. Journal Of The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society [serial online]. Winter 2016 2016;22(2):74-82. Available from: Alt HealthWatch, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 25, 2017.


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