Different research has shown that we are what we eat. In many cases diseases including cancer, metabolic illness, inflammation and many others are not only caused by a genetic mutation or a generic activation but by changes on the epigenome. Epigenome is involved with the process in which the DNA code read to make proteins. Recently researchers discovered that these epigenetic changes could activate genes that cause tumor growth.
What is suggested is that what we eat and the quantity of what we eat has a specific chemical composition that it will affect directly our gene expression. For example the cruciferous vegetable family are popular for their protective anti-cancer genes. This article focuses on gene expression by epigenetics composition and lifestyle. I do agree with the complexity of gene expression and the relationship of epigenome and its environment. However, there is more research need it in this area to be able to make clinical recommendations. The idea of personalized nutrition to prevent diseases is a stepping-stone to prove once more that we are directly affected from the foods that we consume.

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